48 Hours in the Judgement Hall with an Angel!

Mr Boniface Ikechukwu is from Umudikoka in Anambra State. He had a strange but real story.
During the Nigerian civil war, he was shut by the Nigerian soldier. He was with his amour bearer when the soldier fired him 32 rounds of AK47. His amour bearer hid himself that the Nigerian soldier left without attacking him.
Meanwhile, the bullets passed through one side of his chest and escaped from the other side to the ground. Dust covered every where and he was sure the Biafran captain was dead.
When they left, his amour bearer rushed him to the hospital. He was still alive! He was to be operated upon. When it was his turn, he gave his pocket Bible to a Revd Sister, a white lady who was a nurse. “Take this Bible it is my most treasured property,” he told her. “If I survive, give it back to me, if I die take it, ” he added.
Unfortunately, he could not make it, he died and was dumped in an improvised mortuary where the dead bodies were kept waiting for burial.
They were to be buried that same evening but unfortunately the truck that brought salvaging stockfish for the people suffering from kwashiorkor arrived and all those who were to bury them left the corpses to off load the truck.
Eventually, they could not come back the same day as they smuggled some bags away to their homes. Thus the burial took place the following evening. All the dead bodies were to be buried in a single pit. Before they could finish digging the pit it was late and so they left for morning. It came to his turn, they carried him up to throw him into the pit and he got up. They all left him and ran away. Their was a great noise every where. “Spirit, spirit!” They shouted.
When the news of the Spirit reached the hospital, the Revd Sister who had prayed for him rushed to the scene. Behold it was the man who gave him the Bible, she ran to him to hold him as he was staggering with all his muscles stiffened. It took some hours later for all his body to normalize.
Meanwhile, where was he during the two days of his death?
According to him, quoting the Bible, there are two fig trees mentioned in the Bible. Both of them could not bear fruit. One was instantly cursed while the other was given a second chance and by the mediation of the servants, its life was saved and more manure was added to it. “I belong to this second group,” he added.
When I died I saw myself going towards a particular direction. I did not see any body while going and I did not know where I was going either.
Suddenly I reached a wall that reached heaven from the earth. As I was coming, the wall opened and I entered and it closed. I looked up and saw in a twinkle of an eye my name on the judgement wall. All that I did, both good and bad was on that wall and I immediately knew where I was going – hell fire!
I met the angel that was guarding the wall and pleaded with him saying, “Have mercy on me and allow me to go back, I came here unprepared.”
“No body can go back having crossed this wall,” he replied.
Of a sudden, some strong hard men with great muscles came to take me away. But the angel hid me in his wings.
From there I could see those hardened men beat one pregnant woman mercilessly away to where great number of people were crying. In less than a minute, another person came and those hardened men would beat them again into hell. There I saw people of all race, both young and old, all were entering into that hall and none made heaven.
When those hardened men left, the angel lamented to me saying, “Have you seen that all these people trooping here, none of them could return to Jesus. Heaven cries because of this. Bless a child of God and he will abandon God. They live carelessly and make of no effect the blood of Jesus.”
After all his lamentation, I pleaded with him again to allow me go back.
“Did you see any person while you were coming here he asked me?”
“No”, I replied.
“This time you will see Him. He is the only person that has the power to let you go back. Fortunately, He is the most merciful man in heaven and earth. Plead with Him. Even if He kept quiet, keep pleading for He is so merciful.”
“Having said so, he opened the wall and let me go from under his wings.
Looking ahead of me, I saw the throne with a young man sitting on it and a sword crossed on the seat. I plead with Him to allow me go back because I was not prepared to be there but he did not listen to me. He did not talk to me and He seemed as if He was not the person I was talking to. I kept pleading until I was so tired that I decided to go back to enter hell fire. I was about to turn when I remembered what the angel told me. So I persisted. Suddenly, He lifted up the sword pointed at me and with it directed me the way to follow. Immediately, I left their, I opened my eyes at the pit where they wanted to bury me.”

O child of God, this is a real life story. If you insist on meeting with this man, he is still alive. If you invite him to your church, he will come.

Meanwhile, the lessons are obvious:
*This is the time for salvation.
*God has given you a second chance now. Repent and receive Jesus. There are many evils you have done that merit your death but God saved you. Receive Jesus today in your life.
*Jesus is the most merciful person on earth, call upon him, he will answer you. Though He keeps silent, He hears. Don’t be tired of calling upon Him.
*Hell fire is real and heaven is real!

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