A triple scholarship for university education and another scholarship for master’s degree!

Ifenna Mbonu wrote his WAEC and JAMB from the hospital where he was taking care of his dad who later died. Then, he and his senior brother lost every hope for education.

Every morning he would go to the church either to pray or to sweep it. One day, his church invited the man of God for a program. At the end of the program, on his way home, he stopped the man of God and sowed a seed of #10,000 saying, “Pray for me, I want God to sponsor I and my senior brother. “

Last year Ifenna and his senior brother graduated from the university and testified in Jesus Healing School saying, “Two weeks after the prayer by the man of God, a prominent man gave me scholarship. Later my Town’s men during their general meeting gave me and my brother scholarship. Although, this one stopped on the way, another man asked me to write an essay for him; which I did. After that, he called me and gave me another scholarship. With these scholarships I was able to train myself and my brother. Today we have all graduated. 
Glory be to God!”

The scholarship has not ended! IFENNA got a job after his youth service later applied for his Master’s degree, and his boss, a woman, gave him another scholarship! 
May God be your sponsor, and may He grant you an endless scholarship in Jesus name.

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