From Miss to Mrs – a result of Jesus Healing School program.

I so much love this testimony!
God is awesome!
This lady attended last spinsters’ program – From Miss to Mrs. The man of God taught them to receive people cordially and to utilize facebook 5000 friends. Few days after the program, Mmesoma, received a friend’s request from facebook but turned it down. Her friend Chinenye, encouraged her to accept the request. Eventually, the guy introduced his desire to marry her. She didn’t believe him. It was just few days they knew on facebook. The guy insisted on marry her. Like a joke it became real. The brother was disappointed by a lady and so determined to get another lady. So she prayed and God confirmed the marriage. Today, they are husband and wife.
Meanwhile, her friend Chinenye, (the lady having microphone 🎤) became so happy that God did it for her friend because initially she refused to follow her to JHS based on denominational differences. She said “God, even if you don’t answer me, I am happy you answered my friend.”
Watch out! Her own miracle followed immediately. She was going to Onitsha when one boy asked her to buy trousers for him. According to her, she refused on the ground that he may not pay him back. But on reaching Main Market Onitsha she decided otherwise. Unfortunately, she didn’t know where to buy it so she asked one person who directed her to one shop. She never knew that the boy HAS DIRECTED HER TO HER HUSBAND’S SHOP! There the boy took notice of her and collected her number! Few months later she became his wife!
We return all glory to God who directed her step to her husband’s shop.
May God the provider direct you to where you will be favoured in Jesus name.

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