Life Testimonies 1

HIV Healed
I married in the year 2002; however, I cheated on my wife and slept with one girl. That very day, I contracted this viral disease. My conscience condemned me even while in the very act, yet I heeded not to his voice. This very evil act never departed from my mind; it kept ringing in my ears so that one day I decided to go for an HIV test. As I expected, I was positive. I had to go for the confirmatory analysis; again, it was positive.
I had to rush home to inform my wife. I told her everything and apologised to her. She wept indeed, and could not find it easy with me. However, I decided to entreat God for His mercy. We decided to meet the man of God.

He asked me to pray for a week and ask God to forgive me and restore my health to me. After the prayer, the man of God prayed for me and asked me to go for a test. Praise God, the analysis confirmed that God restored my health. I was healed!
Egwuatu C.

Mama Said My Money Is Not From God
I am working for a businessperson. I am in charge of his warehouse. I made up my mind to save towards buying a bus and using it for commercial purpose. I later purchased a fairly used Mitsubishi, L300. God helped me, and I saved money again and added it to the money I realised from the bus and bought another one. At that time, the late bus was no longer in good condition, so l planned to use the new one for the season.

It was this new bus that the armed robbers snatched away from the driver one morning. However, when I heard of the incidence, I prayed and asked God to bring back my bus to me.

Meanwhile, I told one of my friends, and he promised to buy me a bus while coming back from his travel – he travelled overseas. As God would have it, those who stole the van took it to another state, repainted it, and used it as a commercial vehicle. However, when we started praying, God hunted them so that they scratched another man’s car and did not stop to say sorry. So the man decided to overtake them and stop them. He was following them bumper to bumper. When they noticed that this man was pursuing them; they became afraid and drove to another direction where the road was not tarred, the man followed hard after them. They became more frightened and drove to a nearby filling station and there packed the vehicle and ran away, leaving behind the key.

When the man stopped there, he called the police to come, carry the bus to their station, and park it there until the owner arrives. The car stayed at the station for two weeks, and nobody came to claim it. What they did was to copy the plate number and then phoned to the local government where the bus was registered. It was then they were duly informed that the bus was stolen. So they sent the bus to me.
Meanwhile, my friend who promised to buy one for me on coming back fulfilled his promise. Now, I have three buses. That season, three of them worked marvellously well without any breakdown so that at the end of the season I bought another one. Thus, I have three new buses almost at the same time; this marvelled my people that my mother came to me with the view that my money is not from God. To her, I used charms to make money, but God and the man of God know God is my charm. – F. M. C.

Kidnapped Girl Rescued by Angel Chiadikobi
It is an incredible story but yet a reality. An eight-year-old girl was kidnapped by evil men in Aba, Abia State of Nigeria. They searched for this girl for seven days, after which they decided to inform the girl’s mother who was living at Oba, Anambra State of Nigeria. When this woman heard that, she quickly ran to the man of God in Jesus Healing School, in the same Anambra State. Unfortunately, she could not see the man of God. It was Tuesday morning; he was preparing for the Tuesday Jesus healing School service. So she met the wife of the man of God who asked her to go back and take her bath and dress well and come for the prayer, and then the man of God will pray for her. This was because the woman almost ran mad when she heard the bad news.

God is great! The moment she left, God sent an angel to Abia State and rescued the girl. So, an angel appeared to the girl that same morning, not up to an hour the mum left the wife of the man of God, and introduced himself to her as a man of God by name Chiadikobi and asked her to run away from where those kidnappers kept her. Only God can tell where those kidnappers were then. However, the girl ran away crying when some good Samaritans got hold of her, took her to her school and from there, the guardians reached the school.

They thought it was a human being that appeared to the girl, so they called the mother and informed her that her missing girl had been found. Then they asked her whether she knew any person called Chiadikobi so that they would arrest him. Wow! The mum laughed at them and finally told them how she just left the man of God’s house not an hour ago, and his name is Chiadikobi, he lives in Anambra State. Then they realised God sent His angel to rescue their daughter.
Mrs N. N.

Fibroid Forced Out of The Womb
I did a fibroid operation sometime back, and after a while, it reappeared. The doctor booked me for another surgery; however, I knew what I went through during the first operation. So this time, I refused to go for the surgery. Then somebody introduced me to Jesus Healing School. When I met the man of God, he merely hit my tummy and asked me to go, that my case was over. I left that Friday with the fibroid still in my womb. On the next week Thursday, my belly started disturbing me. I could not sleep, so I woke up and started praying. All of a sudden, I heard a voice that said to me “Start praising Me.” Quickly, I recognised it was God asking me to praise Him, and I started calling Him His glorious names. People of God, you cannot believe what happened next! The fibroid came out of my body, about three of them, very big indeed. I thank God for removing those fibroids from me, may His name be praised forever!
Mrs Nwakaego Nwagbo

4 Years of Asthma Healed
I thank the God of JHS for visiting me the very first day I came to this mountain with my sister. For the past four years, I have been suffering from Asthmatic cough, which took me to so many places for healing and treatments but, in the end, it was still there. I was only asked to be managing it. Fortunately, I came to JHS four weeks ago and got healed. I can now drive, run and do things I could not do before. It is just no longer there. Praise to God!
Nwafor Davidson, Ufuma Anambra

Stolen Car Recovered
Last week Tuesday was the first time I came to JHS. After prayers, as I got home, I realised that my car was not where I parked it again, even within the compound. I called Daddy on the phone and narrated to him what was happening; He prayed and commanded that the car should stop where it is.

Dear people of God, this is how the car stopped. The person that stole the vehicle drove it through a slum in an attempt to escape with the car, and there the mud caught it, and that was where the police located the vehicle. Praise the Lord!
Ezekwe Queen, Awka Anambra

8 Years Of Barrenness Broken
I had my last child eight years ago, after which an internal operation was performed on me. Since then, pregnancy became an issue; my doctor confirmed that I didn’t have any problem, but still I could no longer conceive again.

Then one day, my husband was watching the television and Daddy’s program was on air. He called me to witness what was going. After watching the program, I decided to come to JHS. That day Daddy prayed and prophesied to me saying, “By this time next year, you will have a baby boy.” By December, I took in, and now I have my bouncing baby boy. I thank God for His kindness and mercy in my life.
Okoliocha Nkem, Ogbunka, Anambra

5 Years Of Deafness Healed
Last Tuesday was the first time I came to JHS after watching JHS DVD plate that was shared to us in the market; it was surprising and amazing. It touched my heart, so I called my son to come and witness with me what I was seeing. Then I decided to bring my daughter who had been deaf for five years to JHS. She became deaf and dumb when she was three years old. I chose to come with her last week; we registered our case, and daddy prayed for her.

Dear people of God, it was an instant affair; my daughter recovered her hearing and was able to speak again. Praise be to God Almighty.
Nwatuanya Ngozi, Awka

A Cripple Walked After Watching JHS DVD Plate
I thank God who delivered me from being lame through Revd. Chiadikobi. On January 2012, I attended a wedding ceremony and, right there, developed a problem in my leg that made it difficult for me to walk again. Eventually, I saw all my bones shivering, and before I knew it, I could not walk again.

I was taken to hospitals, native doctors, prayer houses and different ministries to restore strength to my bones and nerves but they were in vain. So finally, I became crippled.

In July, my sister brought a JHS DVD plate from the market, and we all watched it in the evening. Funny enough, I asked her not to watch it – I preferred Nigerian movie instead, but she later put the DVD. As we were watching, we came across where the man of God prayed for a lame boy, and he was healed instantly. He commanded the boy to rise and walk, and the boy immediately started walking. What I saw amazed me, so I claimed the miracle. I used it as a point of contact for my own healing. I said, “God, if you are able to heal this boy, then you will heal me as well”.

Consequently, in my dream that same night, I saw the same man of God praying and delivering me. He asked me to rise and walk; immediately, something fled from me. I rose and started walking in that dream. Behold, it manifested physically also that when I woke up, I began to walk. I decided that I will go and see the man of God by myself. One Tuesday prayers, I went to JHS at Nnewi, and as prayers were going on, my joint bones stretched and moved from strength to strength so that today, I am walking as if nothing happened to me before.
Okonkwo Uche, Ihiala Anambra

Fibroid Disappeared
I had a fibroid operation some years ago, after which it was discovered that another fibroid was still in my womb, and that gave me an excruciating pain. Until one day, my friend brought me to JHS during their Friday counselling and deliverance. After the deliverance, I went home. That same night, I had a dream and saw where blood was coming out of my body, and I wiped them thoroughly.
After some days, I went back to the hospital; it was discovered that there was no longer fibroid in my womb.
Chukwuma Francisca, Ugwuta L.G, Imo State.

Two Crippled Children Healed
I thank God almighty for the manifestation of His powers in my family. I am grateful to Him. My first issue, a male child, was born on 16th October 2007, and my second issue was a female child. They were five and two years respectively, and none of them ever walked since they were born. The situation took us to so many places, and yet we got no answer to the problem. It was in August that someone introduced us to JHS. When we met the man of God, he prayed for my children, and we left. After a few days, both of them got up and started walking! It is awesome! It is great! Praise be to God!
Nwokolo Christian, Oba, Anambra State

9 Years Of Sleeplessness Healed
I thank God who delivered me from many sicknesses. For the past nine years, I have been unable to sleep, trying and forcing myself but to no avail. I have visited hospitals; I have even been to India and many other places to be healed, but all proved abortive. This also led me to many prayer houses to know if I can secure my healing – nothing happened. In my house, I had a little house help who, one day, asked me to go and see Rev. Chiadikobi. However, I was reluctant since I have visited many places.

After a repeated effort, I picked courage and attended JHS. On December 2012 as I came, I told God to visit me that I would not like to enter 2013 with such a problem. On 18th December 2012, I registered my case. The man of God prayed for me and asked me to go and sleep. That was the end of sleeplessness in my life after suffering it for nine years.
Agwike Cecilia, Nnewi Anambra State

Pregnant After 9 Years
I thank Almighty God for making me a partaker of JHS blessing. I joined JHS in 2010 because of infertility. I had my first issue in 2004, which were triplets but the miscarriage occurred after having a problem with one woman in the market. Since then, my menstrual cycle ceased.

I went to many places for a solution, including prayer houses and native doctors, but all their applications and incantations were of no value. They only succeed in collecting money from me.

As God would have it, I watched the JHS program on Television and decided to visit the place. I continued coming, and one day, I had a dream where I killed a snake and physically the snake came and I killed it also, then my menstrual cycle returned. I became excited. In April 2013, during Bethsaida Experience, I drank the water blessed by the man of God, and I became pregnant. I give glory to God.


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