According to Mrs Kate obiagba her son Chukwuemere obiagba, in 2012, when he was 12 years old, one midnight he had a serious attack that nearly took his life. We heard him scream, and on getting to his room we found him struggling with death, then we knew it was a spiritual attack. We prayed and called upon God until he regained himself. However from that night it became part of his life. It usually occurs in the midnight, between 12.00am 1.00am, and after the experience his complexion becomes pale as a result of shortage of blood. Though most people called it epilepsy due to the manner it usually occurs, but I refused to address it by that name. Eventually, we visited many hospitals and the prayer houses for the cure but to no avail. It was really very painful seeing my son go through such hell from what we knew nothing about.

Fortunately, a friend directed us to JHS. At first, I rejected coming to this ministry because we have been to similar places without any positive result. However, in January 2016, we decided to give it a trial; we came to JHS and the man of God delivered my son from the hands of the evil one, and told us to go with joy that he was healed completely. People of God we are here testifying to the glory of God that it happened exactly the way our daddy declared it. From January 2016 till date January 2018, my son did not experience such horrible disease. Praise God!

Mrs Kate obiagba and Chukwuemere obiagba