Okechukwu Frank Ezeoka


The Lord delivered me from kidney problem. I was brought to JHS half-dead but the Lord revived my life. I was almost gone but his mercies kept me. According to the doctor, I could only live for three days but glory be to God I am still alive till today! Hallelujah! It all started like a joke in July 2016. Then I was having an ill health and fear of death as some thoughts kept echoing in my mind that I shall surely die. I became so much afraid of losing my life and my family at the age of thirty-three. Then I came down from Abuja to my place Enugu-Ukwu to resume work the next day. I am an immigration officer. On my way to work the next morning, I lost control over myself and my body temperature was so high that I was losing my breath. So when I reached the office, I took permission for medical treatment. However, before I could know it I lost my consciousness. And that was how my family started taking me from one hospital to another for medical assistance. At first, I was diagnosed of liver problem, and later it was confirmed to be kidney failure. As days go by right there in the hospital, I was unable to urinate or defecate for three weeks, and then we were referred to another hospital. There at the new hospital, the doctor called my younger sister and told her that I have less than three days to live because from the report; one of my kidneys is totally damaged while the other one has failed completely. My sister suggested for dialysis but the doctor discourage her because according to him, I have not more than three days to live.

At this point my people took me away for dialysis. Fortunately for me, we met a person that directed us to Jesus Healing Ministry. The day we came, the man of God prayed for me and I was perfectly healed. However, during the cause of the prayer, the man of God also prayed for my mother, and the secrete behind the kidney problem was discovered! It was an ancestral curse laid upon my family by one of the daughters of the family who was sold by our great grandfather. He sold his daughter and used the money for a celebration. Eventually the girl died mischievously, but before her death she laid a curse of untimely death upon the family and lack of marriage upon the family of niece who was there when they sold her and did not refute his brother of his evil act. Hence in that family today, ladies above forty still remained unmarried. While in our own family, untimely death is reigning. This explains why my own father died of kidney failure, and I could have also, died of the same ailment had God not saved me through Jesus Healing Ministry.

Glory be to God, the blood of Jesus speaks better words than the blood of Abel. We were saved from that curse through the prayer of the man of God as the demon of death was cast out because of the blood of Jesus that was shed for mankind.