About the Visionary

A short Biography about the Visionary of Jesus Healing School.

Let's tell you how it all started

Revd Canon C. L. Emmanuel is an Anglican clergyman from the Diocese of Nnewi. He studied in Enugu Statae University where he got his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Biochemistry. He got his theological training in Trinity Theological Institute Umuahia where he got his BA in Religion. He is married to Ifeoma, his amiable companion; and blessed with four children. Indeed Revd Canon Chiadikobi Emmanuel is a man with an unusual encounter with Jesus: “Sir, what shall I do to spread the Gospel?” He asked Jesus in a vision. “Do not call me ‘Sir,’ call me ‘Jesus,’ He replied. “Nevertheless, go and do all you can and God in heaven will do all He could,” He continued. Then He showed him what to do: He laid His hands on the sick and healed them; but there was this peculiar person that was blind, deaf, dumb, and crippled that Jesus healed that made him cry saying, “God I am serving can do all these and I am wasting time.” At that time, a lady touched him and said, “I am seeing a vision.” “How can I be seeing Jesus, and this lady is seeing a vision?” He asked. Having opened his eyes, he saw Jesus anointing others and he prayed saying, “Jesus, you are God; what I am saying now in my heart you are hearing, anoint me today and pass me not by.” There and then Jesus stood before him and anointed him; and behold it was a dream.
Today, the same anointing founded, Jesus Healing Ministry; a teaching, healing and deliverance ministry characterized by mighty miracles, signs and wonders. The sick is healed, the barren conceives, the deaf hears as the dumb speaks, and above all, the sinner is saved.
Also, through radio and television programs, both in local TV and cable TV networks many have benefitted from the ministry both within and outside Nigeria.
We came to JHS and the man of God delivered my son from the hands of the evil one, and told us to go with joy that he was healed completely.

Mrs Kate Obiagba


The man of God prophesied over my life, I took the apple and ate it with my husband, and in that same month, I took in and later delivered a baby boy..

Ezechukwu Chiamaka

Fruit of the Womb

My own father died of kidney failure, and I could have also, died of the same ailment had God not saved me through Jesus Healing Ministry.

Okechukwu Frank Ezeoka

Kidney Healed

My four sisters married on 26th, 26th, 27th, and 29th December, as result of the seed sown at the Healing School.


Marital Breakthrough