Unbelievable favour

God knows how to raise the poor from the ash heap and make him sit among the kings! Mr Ifeanyi Uwadiegwu, from Ekwuluobia, received an extra ordinary favour in Jesus Healing School. He had been suffering for years but after the prayer of the man of God he became a member of Jesus Healing School.
One day, he received a phone call from a friend abroad who decided to favour him. After some interactions, he asked him to look for a shop in Ekwuluobia where he can sell white cement. It was not easy getting the kind of shop he needed. The line was filled up by rich men. Yet God gave him a shop there and also a warehouse. Two weeks later, the man sent six 20feet containers to his bewilderment! He simply fixed the amount he will remit to him and take whatever profit he makes.
As if that was not enough, when he advertised this business on his Facebook one man chatted him and asked him if he knows about “sponge”. According to him, he also sells it. So after negotiations, the man sent unto him a twenty feet container and so he started marketing it. According to the man, he produces it a sends it to USA, Europe, and Nigeria.
That is is how a poor man was raised from ash heap. Today, his level has changed! We return all glory to God.
O Child of God, connect to this anointing and tap into such unbelievable favour in Jesus name

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