Unusual upliftment – from grass to Grace.

This man is my brother and a friend. He is a medical doctor, intelligent and hard working. He desired to be employed in the Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital, Nnewi. He tried all He could but to no avail and finally, came to meet the man of God in Jesus Healing School.
“I want to get a job in NAUTH,” he told the man of God.
“Stop answering unnecessary ‘Sir'”, the man of God told him. Then he opened up and told him how he laboured so much to get the job but all proved abortive. He said,
“They know I am brilliant. At times they call me to come and help when they have pile up of work to be done. I followed some of the heads home and humbled myself to wash their vehicles, and at times, I send gifts to them.”
“You must stop answering unnecessary ‘Sir’ to any man. Honour man and respect your heads from your heart but do not bow your head for them.”
“The testimony of your life cannot hang on any man,” he continued. “Joseph tried it when he asked the cupbearer to remember him,
“But think on me when it shall be well with thee, and shew kindness, I pray thee, unto me, and make mention of me unto Pharaoh, and bring me out of this house (Genesis 40:14).”

But the Bible says in Genesis 40: 23,

“Yet did not the chief butler remember Joseph, but forgat him.”

After this lesson, the man of God prayed for him and he left.
Two weeks later, he had the urge to go and submit his CV in University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu. Unfortunately, he was informed that they employed new doctors the previous week. He cried and was about to leave when a thought came into him. “Check the list of the newly employed doctors to see if any of your mates are there,” the thought told him.
When he inquired of the list it was shown to him where displayed on the notice board.
Wow! He could not believe what he saw! Dr S. O. C. Nweze was the number one in the list. It was his initials and surname!
Unbelievable! “It could not be me, I know, but what a coincidence!
“Madam, please can look at the CV of the first doctor on the list,” he requested.
“No, it is against the ethics of our profession”, she replied.
“Yes I know, but how come all the initials are mine? I need to know the man,” he pleaded.
“Did you come for the interview, ” she asked him.
“No, ma,” he answered.
“Then it cannot be you”, she insisted
Well, after all ths, she mercifully brought out the CV. Behold, it was his own. He submitted it two years ago! He did not remember it again but God remembered it! He did not attend the interview, but God broke the protocol!
He was the number one in the list because God Himself made the choice for him!
The lesson is clear:
1. Stop worshipping men. No man is your God. Trust God and not man.
2. Let all the glory of your life be given to God and not man.
3. God can do all things through any agency, trust Him.
4. In God’s case, protocols can be bypassed!
5. Make God your number one and He will make you the number one in the list!
6. God has never changed. I challenge you today to take a bold step in trusting Him and I will publish your story here very soon!
This man is still alive. If you want to hear from his mouth it is more than possible.

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